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Where is the detail on how the Voice will work?

The referendum will ask Australians if they agree that Indigenous people should have a seat at the table when decisions are being made about their lives. The exact shape of the Voice will be determined by the parliament following a referendum. This allows for the shape to be changed by parliaments over time according to the conditions of the day.

Put simply, the constitution is for the principles, the concept. The parliament is for the shape, the bricks and mortar.

As an example of this principle in practice, the Constitution confers on the Government the legal right to tax residents and citizens. But the detail on taxation legislation, what the government can tax and the rates of tax are not included in the constitution - that is up to the government of the day and the Parliament to decide.

Similarly the Constitution allows the Federal Government  to raise a Defence Force. But there is no detail in the Constitution on the shape, size and makeup of Australia’s Defence Force - that is for the Parliament to decide. 

Notwithstanding this, there is significant detail contained in the Design Principles of the Voice to Parliament agreed by the First Nations Referendum Working Group. You can read the full set of Design Principles here.

(Source: Uluru

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