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The Pearson interview: ‘How does the elephant sit down with the mouse?'

In an interview with Kerry O'Brien, leading ‘Yes’ advocate Noel Pearson details how the campaign is turning a corner, how the Voice would function, and how it would complement state treaty processes.

"I am getting a good feeling about the campaign now. I myself was despondent, you know, a month ago. But we’re in the fourth week of a refreshed campaign."

Read the full interview here.

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‘It’s bunkum’: former Liberal party director and John Howard chief of staff dismisses no campaign arguments

Tony Nutt, the former federal director of the Liberal party and chief of staff to John Howard, has dismissed as “nonsense” and “bunkum” arguments against the Indigenous voice to parliament. “It’s just, it’s practical, and it’s constitutionally safe,” he told a Liberal-dominated Wentworth for the Voice...

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