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Julie Bishop backs Indigenous voice as ‘step in the right direction’

The former foreign affairs minister and Deputy Liberal leader, Julie Bishop, has called for Australians to support the Indigenous voice referendum, warning that existing policies aren’t working to close the gap.

Bishop, who was deputy leader of the 
Liberal party for 11 years, said many Indigenous people she respected greatly “have put a lot of thought into this and they believe that it is a step in the right direction”. In an address to the National Press Club in Canberra on Wednesday, Bishop said: “So personally, my message to anyone who wants to listen to what I have to say is that I believe that it is a step in the right direction.

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‘It’s bunkum’: former Liberal party director and John Howard chief of staff dismisses no campaign arguments

Tony Nutt, the former federal director of the Liberal party and chief of staff to John Howard, has dismissed as “nonsense” and “bunkum” arguments against the Indigenous voice to parliament. “It’s just, it’s practical, and it’s constitutionally safe,” he told a Liberal-dominated Wentworth for the Voice...

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